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The portal for managing, overseeing, and coordinating au pair stays.


The support service for the fulfilment of au pairs and families.


Facilitator of everyday life, ensuring the protection of both sides involved in the au pair program, SNJ provides a secure and reassuring environment for both families and young individuals throughout their entire au pair stay. This is to make this cultural exchange a success and a genuinely enriching experience.

Our missions


We ensure

compliance with the law and process requests


We organise

information sessions for au pairs


We act

as mediators in case of conflict


Fairness, Transparency, Empathy.


We act with impartiality and objectivity for both au pairs and families. Within our control and management of the Program, we are dedicated to accompanying you to ensure that the stay proceeds smoothly and with respect for all participants.


We communicate openly and honestly within our team and with you. By establishing a culture where information can freely flow between families and au pairs, we will be effective and make the right decisions for a peaceful stay. 


We convert interactions into active and positive listening for all our counterparts, aiming to understand them and align with their needs to offer suitable solutions.

To know everything about the preparation of the exchange and the rules of cohabitation, click here:

How to become an au pair How to become a host family

Please note that we do not process requests for matching au pairs with families.

Au pair in Luxembourg


In Luxembourg, the au pair program is governed by specific legislation that determines the conditions and obligations for both the family and the au pair.


An au pair stay refers to a temporary stay within a family, in exchange for light and daily household tasks performed by the au pair. They aim to improve their language skills and broaden their general cultural knowledge by gaining a better understanding of the host country.



Former host families and au pairs

share their experience and the adventure

they lived together.


Communication begins
at the meeting – being clear
and precise in communication and expressing
expectations and needs lay the foundation
for a rich and open experience.

“Be focused, follow the guidelines and the deals you’ve signed up.”

“You are not a babysitter for the kids, you’re going to live with them.”

“Pour mon anniversaire, ils m’ont offert un cadeau et une lettre, j’étais très émue.“

“I can trust them and they can trust me. Communication, that’s the key.”

“Et war déi bescht Léisung fir eis.”


We offer a messaging service in our 4 administrative languages: French, German, Luxembourgish, and English. Our competent team will respond to your inquiries promptly.


Feel free to email us anytime for a quick and efficient written response.
If you have a reference for your approval or acceptance, please mention it in all correspondence.

We will do our utmost to process your requests as quickly as possible and to adhere to the “au pair” request processing time, which is typically 4 weeks.