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Become an au-pair


A cultural exchange is an enriching and positive experience when well-organised.


The aim is to integrate you as a family member, immersing yourself in a new culture and share your own. You will contribute to family tasks for about 25 hours per week. Primary tasks involve childcare, but may also include light household duties, primarily related to the host family’s children.


Taking care of the children

Preparing the children in the morning for school/nursery (helping them dress, preparing their lunch/bag)

Supervising the children during homework

Dropping off and picking up the children from school/nursery

Accompanying the children to their leisure activities and excursions

Introducing the children to your language and culture

Playing with the children

Having meals with the children or helping them

Supervising the children in the evening if the parents are not present

Taking care of the children's laundry

Preparing small meals for/with the children

Running small errands

Emptying the dishwasher

Tidying the children's room

Tidying and cleaning your own room and bathroom


Cleaning the family's private rooms (for example, parents' bedroom or bathroom)

Cleaning or tidying the garage, cellar, attic, etc.

Washing the car


Preparing meals for the whole family

Doing the family's laundry

It is strictly forbidden to have any other paid activity during the stay

Days off

Per week: 3 free evenings (starting around 6 p.m.) and one full day of rest.


Per month: 2 additional days.


Discuss this with your host family. Reach an agreement regarding the scheduling of your days off that suits all parties involved.

The benefits of a good integration during your stay:

Language courses are paid for by the host family

(The host family and the au pair can choose the school and language).

Board and lodging

Health and accident insurance


Liability insurance

(insurance company)

Pocket money

(on a bank account under your name)

Are you enticed by the experience and are you between 18 and 29 years old on the first day of your stay? 

Here are the criteria to meet:

  • Hold a qualification that gives you access, in your home country, to higher education or provide proof that you have attended classes at least until the age of 17.
  • Knowledge of English or one of the country’s three administrative languages: Luxembourgish/German/French at level A2.
  • Have basic proficiency in one of the languages spoken in the host family (level A1).
  • Provide a medical certificate confirming the mental and physical capacity to handle childcare responsibilities and perform light household duties.
  • There should be no family relation with the host family up to the 4th degree.


Take an online assessment to determine if it’s a good fit for you!

Explore the aspects to consider during an au pair stay, including the requirements for both the host family and the au pair.

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Au pair assessment 


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